Open roads, highways and driving surfaces across the country are where I make my art.  Whether walking, biking or driving, I am always on the lookout for perfect photographic compositions.  When these moments occur, I stop whatever I'm doing as fast as I can, camera in hand, prepared to zero in on my subject, focus and shoot.  I’m not really afraid to stand in the middle of the centerline or in the middle of a lane; I find it rather exhilarating to get my shot, even as an oncoming vehicle may be approaching me at an unsafe speed.  At times, a particular composition or area mesmerizes to the point where I forget to look up.  A honking horn or someone shouting out of a truck or car window startles me.  Other times, people creep by slowly to see what I am doing.  Taking photos of roads can sometimes be dangerous, and occasionally I wonder what people might be thinking as they see me in action.   There have been close calls, but in the end, the results make my continuing explorations and investigations well worth the risk.