blue ice shoves

Getting out of the harbor and driving along the bay gave me a different perspective like looking up from my phone and looking at the horizon.  My eyes snap back to the horizon of the ice shoves and suddenly they appear to me as a landscape within a landscape, the water reshaping the horizon. Looking out for reefs and shoves along the way, I found these formations within 10 miles from the harbor.  I walked out on the ice wearing florescent gear so someone might see me if I broke thru the ice. While reaching the ice shoves I could hear the ice move, making deep cracking sounds, there were puddles of water in low areas. The cold winter had made the ice twenty-two inches thick this past winter, so I felt confident I wouldn’t fall in. I walked slowly on higher areas of ice, and bent in for low shots, to capture the rare transparent thick blue ice, against the clear blue sky. 

selected images of a series