road life

derusha-photo-studio-2016-roads-on-metal copy

                               Derusha in front of her abstract road photography printed on metal 2017.

My photographs of roads don't look like roads.  They focus instead on the abstract nature of these manmade surfaces, their histories as recorded in textures, patterns, and colors. People normally ignore the surfaces of roads, looking at them merely as ways to get from point A to B.  But in many ways, they are not only documents of our existence, but even more so, canvases— works of art created by a passage of time.  Snow melting, rainwater, drifting sand on snow covering a beach road, potholes with water reflecting trees, cracks in the road holding water and heavily salted roads that are common occurrences that turn into abstract works of art through photography.

Photography abstract art by man and nature on the road.

Selected Images from a series